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Last Updated: July 23, 2016 - 19:58

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Name: Qualisa
Joined: April 14, 2016
Traded Cards: 67
Mastered Decks: 2

Membercards: (10)

mc-Adelicya mc-Angelrose mc-Hotaru mc-Maron mc-Minty mc-Mysti mc-Nicolie mc-Pam mc-Rheanna mc-Sasha

Tradecards: (2)

tradecard01_25 tradecard07_25

Currency (53)

choicecard-1 choicecard-2 choicecard-3 choicecard-5 choicecard seed-1 seed-10 seed-11 seed-12 seed-13 seed-14 seed-15 seed-16 seed-17 seed-18 seed-19 seed-2 seed-20 seed-21 seed-22 seed-23 seed-24 seed-25 seed-26 seed-27 seed-28 seed-29 seed-3 seed-30 seed-31 seed-32 seed-33 seed-34 seed-35 seed-36 seed-37 seed-38 seed-39 seed-4 seed-40 seed-41 seed-42 seed-43 seed-44 seed-45 seed-46 seed-47 seed-5 seed-6 seed-7 seed-8 seed-9 seed


Trade (103)

agate02 agate06 agate12 armadillos06 armadillos09 armadillos16 bamboo01 bamboo07 bamboo14 bamboo15 bamboo17 bamboo18 bats11 botodolphins02 botodolphins18 caves18 caves20 cenotes16 cf-ecoli03 cf-ecoli10 cherries10 cherries12 chocolatelab02 chocolatelab04 chocolatelab08 dioptase01 dioptase02 dioptase08 dolphins04 galaxies06 garlic05 garlic19 glaciers01 glaciers03 glaciers10 grandcanyon12 honeybees04 honeybees08 honeybees12 honeybees16 hummingbirds06 hummingbirds10 hummingbirds20 kiwis02 kiwis06 kiwis14 kiwis17 lilies11 lilies19 meadows01 meadows02 meadows20 mint02 mint06 mint07 mint10 mint12 mint17 moon05 moon10 owls01 owls07 owls14 owls19 pearls08 pearls11 pearls15 pinklake05 pinklake14 pinklake20 pumpkins02 pumpkins07 pumpkins17 pumpkins20 robins02 robins04 seaturtles16 silver01 silver04 silver13 silver14 snowflakes04 snowflakes17 stars08 tigers04 tigers12 tigers19 tornadoes06 tornadoes17 tornadoes19 victoriafalls16 victoriafalls18 victoriafalls20 volcanoes11 volcanoes15 volcanoes16 volcanoes18 waves06 weepingwillows01 weepingwillows03 weepingwillows14 weepingwillows16 weepingwillows18

Trade Special (0)

Double (6)

botodolphins02-2 botodolphins02 robins02-1 sapphires03 victoriafalls20 waves08
botodolphins02-2, botodolphins02, robins02-1, sapphires03, victoriafalls20, waves08,

Might (27)

amethyst01 amethyst02 amethyst05 amethyst07 amethyst08 amethyst11 amethyst16 amethyst19 cenotes02 cenotes05 cenotes08 cenotes15 cenotes19 emperorpenguins03 emperorpenguins06 emperorpenguins07 emperorpenguins09 emperorpenguins12 emperorpenguins14 emperorpenguins17 emperorpenguins19 fluorite04 fluorite07 fluorite13 fluorite16 fluorite18 fluorite20

Keep (68)

beaches01 beaches02 beaches03 beaches04 beaches07 beaches10 beaches14 beaches16 beaches18 bears01 bears02 bears03 bears04 bears06 bears07 bears08 bears09 bears10 bears14 bears16 bears18 bears19 bears20 gold02 gold03 gold04 gold05 gold06 gold08 gold11 gold14 gold18 gold19 gold20 jade01 jade02 jade03 jade05 jade08 jade09 jade11 jade13 jade19 mf-seacreatures02 mf-seacreatures09 mf-seacreatures11 mf-seacreatures12 seaturtles01 seaturtles03 seaturtles04 seaturtles11 seaturtles12 seaturtles15 seaturtles17 seaturtles18 wisteria01 wisteria02 wisteria03 wisteria04 wisteria05 wisteria06 wisteria08 wisteria09 wisteria12 wisteria13 wisteria14 wisteria18 wisteria19

Collect (81)











Collect Special (6)

special02 special03 special04

pending (0)

Master (2)

grandcanyon-master robins-master


Activity Log

[23.07.2016] Update: Nicolie: cf-ecoli10; Qualisa: meadows20, sapphires03, beaches10, mf-seacreatures02, waves08; New decks: mf-seacreatures09, mf-seacreatures11, mf-seacreatures12
[20.05.2016] Puzzle: robins02, glaciers10, cenotes16, 1 Seed
[20.05.2016] Card Claim: seaturtles16, pearls11
[20.05.2016] Deck Vote: cf-ecoli03, bats11, botodolphins02, robins04, 3 Seeds
[20.05.2016] War: silver13, victoriafalls18, 3 Seeds
[20.05.2016] Freebies: honeybees04, garlic05, waves06, robins02, moon10, 2 Seeds
[20.05.2016] Slots: caves18, silver01, pearls15, 1 Choice Card, 1 Seed
[20.05.2016] Update (Wishes): fluorite18, sapphires11, rubies15,amethyst07 ,ametrine05,cenotes19,beaches01,gold03,beaches18, cenotes05,bears03,ametrine15,jade03, gold06, rubies01, seaturtles03, jade11, seaturtles04, bears06, amethyst05, wisteria06, coral03, emperorpenguins12, fluorite20, wisteria05, emperorpenguins19, waves19, coral18, sapphires02
[10.05.2016] Crestfallen Exchange: cf-piranhas08, cf-piranhas10 for stars08, pumpkins07
[10.05.2016] Mastered robins: waves09, waves11, pumpkins17, victoriafalls20, dioptase08, cf-piranhas10
[10.05.2016] Mastered grandcanyon: waves03, waves07, gold19, tigers04, botodolphins02, cf-piranhas08
[10.05.2016] Wish (Marina): ametrine14, coral12, bears20, gold14, jade01
[10.05.2016] Wish (Minty): fluorite13, ametrine19, robins12, grandcanyon17, rubies04, coral04, waves10
[10.05.2016] Freebies: ametrine03, coral05, wisteria18, sapphires20, wisteria14, sapphires12, rubies11, grandcanyon14, waves14, amethyst19
[10.05.2016] Card Claim: chocolatelab04, tigers19
[10.05.2016] Doubles Exchange: ametrine17, bears14, coral06, coral17, grandcanyon15, mint07, robins13, waves05, wisteria04 for mint06, tornadoes19, dioptase01, hummingbirds05, rubies17, volcanoes15, bears09, tornadoes06, kiwis17
[10.05.2016] Memory: grandcanyon15, mint07
[10.05.2016] Puzzle: robins13, bamboo17, snowflakes04, 3 Seeds
[10.05.2016] Lotto: coral06
[10.05.2016] Water the Flowers: pinklake05, gold02, 1 Seed
[10.05.2016] Rainbow Wheel - Yellow: honeybees16, waves05, snowflakes17, 1 Seed
[10.05.2016] Make A Wish: jade13, coral17, tigers12, 1 Seed
[10.05.2016] Hangman: caves20, ametrine17, emperorpenguins17, kiwis02, 1 Seed
[10.05.2016] Deck Vote: victoriafalls20, hummingbirds18, jade08, weepingwillows03, 1 Seed
[10.05.2016] Slots: cherries12, glaciers03, 1 Seed
[10.05.2016] Freebies: chocolatelab02, weepingwillows16, armadillos16, 1 Seed
[10.05.2016] Doubles Exchange: beaches14, cenotes15, jade05, robins09, waves05 for wisteria04, armadillos06, agate12, bears14, volcanoes16
[04.05.2016] Trade Card: grandcanyon12, moon05, jade05, lilies11
[02.05.2016] Crestfallen Exchange: cf-piranhas08 for beaches14
[02.05.2016] Level Up: robins06, robins08, glaciers01, stars08, snowflakes13, cf-piranhas08,
[02.05.2016] Trade Card: volcanoes18, wisteria04, pinklake01, fluorite16
[02.05.2016] Doubles Exchange: bears10, garlic19, grandcanyon08, grandcanyon16, hummingbirds10, owls14, robins09, waves02, waves04 for lilies19, honeybees12, beaches14, cenotes15, victoriafalls16, robins09, pumpkins20, waves05, moon13
[02.05.2016] Crestfallen Exchange: cf-ecoli02, cf-fireants07, cf-piranhas06, cf-piranhas10 for grandcanyon08, waves06, mint12, bamboo15
[02.05.2016] Pick A Season: waves16, cenotes08, weepingwillows14, honeybees08
[02.05.2016] Puzzle Series - 1: jade19, owls19
[02.05.2016] Melting Pot: Traded bats19 for bamboo18
[02.05.2016] Melting Pot: Traded armadillos01 for caves11
[02.05.2016] Member's Favorite: bears10, moon06, weepingwillows01, 1 Seed
[02.05.2016] Make A Wish: kiwis14, robins09, cf-piranhas06, 1 Seed
[02.05.2016] Water the Flowers: grandcanyon16, hummingbirds10, waves02, 1 Seed
[02.05.2016] Rainbow Wheel - Red: wisteria08, garlic19, 1 Seed
[02.05.2016] Memory: cf-ecoli02, emperorpenguins09
[02.05.2016] Lotto: owls14
[02.05.2016] Hangman: cf-piranhas10, gold05, dioptase02, mint02, 1 Seed
[02.05.2016] Slots: tornadoes17, hummingbirds06
[02.05.2016] Deck Vote: meadows01, emperorpenguins07, owls01, stars14
[02.05.2016] Puzzle: ametrine12, dolphins04, bamboo14, 1 Seed
[02.05.2016] Card Claim: chocolatelab10, cherries10
[02.05.2016] Card Claim: amethyst16, bears19
[02.05.2016] Higher or Lower: pinklake14, sapphires06, pinklake20, botodolphins02, cherries15, galaxies06, 1 Choice Card
[02.05.2016] Freebies: bats19, owls14, mint10, silver14, stars15, cf-fireants07, 4 Seeds
[02.05.2016] Wishes [MAY DAY]: ametrine04, waves15, grandcanyon02, gold20, waves01, grandcanyon20
[02.05.2016] Wishes [GIRAFFES]: gold08, robins01, robins18, sapphires16, snowflakes11, snowflakes19, ametrine13, sapphires07
[02.05.2016] New Decks: cenotes02, cenotes02, fluorite04, fluorite07, mint07, mint17
[27.04.2016] Doubles Exchange: bears07, wisteria02 for amethyst08, pumpkins02
[27.04.2016] Crestfallen Exchange: cf-ecoli07, cf-fireants03, cf-fireants04, cf-piranhas06 for pinklake12, waves18, bears07, rubies02
[27.04.2016] Slots: stars01, bears16, 1 Seed
[27.04.2016] Deck Vote: wisteria02, bamboo14, pumpkins13, cf-piranhas06, 2 Seeds
[27.04.2016] Melting Pot: Traded pumpkins06 for weepingwillows18
[27.04.2016] Melting Pot: Traded cf-ecoli03 for coral06
[27.04.2016] War: lilies13, volcanoes16, 2 Seeds
[27.04.2016] Puzzle: bears07, tigers16, tigers18, 2 Seeds
[27.04.2016] Card Claim: amethyst11, wisteria13
[27.04.2016] Card Claim: wisteria02, robins10
[27.04.2016] Higher or Lower: garlic06, chocolatelab09
[27.04.2016] Freebies: owls13, meadows05, dioptase14, moon08, garlic19, 2 Seeds
[27.04.2016] Wish (April): grandcanyon03, sapphires18, robins09, ametrine01, coral15
[27.04.2016] New Cards: special03, special04
[27.04.2016] Wish (5 Random): pumpkins06, ametrine08, tornadoes19, ametrine18, robins05
[21.04.2016] Donation: dolphins19, owls18, weepingwillows04, 1 Choice Card, 1 Seed
[21.04.2016] Donation: bears01, coral19, botodolphins18, 1 Choice Card
[21.04.2016] Doubles Exchange: galaxies12 for stars02
[21.04.2016] Melting Pot: Traded owls07 for cf-fireants04
[21.04.2016] Mixup: botodolphins17, emperorpenguins14, tigers11, beaches03, 2 Seeds
[21.04.2016] Four Leaf Clover: coral08, ametrine06, armadillos01, rubies14, 1 Seed
[21.04.2016] Closeup: pinklake16, sunsets20, rubies19
[21.04.2016] Pick A Season: jade05, tornadoes08, rubies12, hummingbirds20
[21.04.2016] Puzzle Series - 1: pearls08, honeybees06
[21.04.2016] Make A Wish: beaches07, agate02, stars13, 1 Seed
[21.04.2016] Member's Favorite: armadillos09, cf-ecoli07, jade09
[21.04.2016] Blackjack: seaturtles18, chocolatelab16, galaxies12
[21.04.2016] Rainbow Wheel - Red: cherries05, kiwis06
[21.04.2016] Memory: chocolatelab13, galaxies12
[21.04.2016] Lotto: grandcanyon18
[21.04.2016] Hangman: agate06, snowflakes09, dioptase09, owls07, 2 Seeds
[21.04.2016] Melting Pot: Traded agate18 for robins20
[21.04.2016] Doubles Exchange: dolphins01 for bears04
[21.04.2016] Deck Vote: cherries12, chocolatelab08, agate18, bears10
[21.04.2016] War: volcanoes11, emperorpenguins07, 1 Seed
[21.04.2016] Slots: volcanoes03, sunsets08
[21.04.2016] Puzzle: bamboo07, seaturtles15, stars07
[21.04.2016] Card Claim: robins16, robins19
[21.04.2016] Higher or Lower: silver04, hummingbirds10, robins15, bears18, snowflakes17, wisteria19, 1 Choice Card, 1 Seed
[21.04.2016] Freebies: sapphires14, jade02, sunsets02
[21.04.2016] Update: wisteria09, wisteria12, grandcanyon01, grandcanyon06, seaturtles12, rubies06, sapphires03, sapphires08, emperorpenguins03, emperorpenguins06, meadows02, meadows15, waves02, waves12, special02
[14.04.2016] Starter Pack: grandcanyon11, grandcanyon09, grandcanyon08, grandcanyon16, honeybees11, dioptase13, robins03, sapphires01, lilies17, robins14, dolphins01, dolphins01, dolphins12, cf-fireants03, cf-ecoli03,


[20.05.2016] (67) Carol: my hummingbirds05, hummingbirds18 for sapphires19, bears08
[10.05.2016] (65) Adelicya: my cherries15, garlic06 for coral05, coral18
[10.05.2016] (63) angelrose: my stars14, stars15, moon06, moon13, mc-Qualisa for grandcanyon19, coral13, coral14, coral16, mc-angelrose
[10.05.2016] (58) Mysti: my pinklake01, pinklake12, stars08, mc-Qualisa for rubies09, coral02, coral17, mc-Mysti
[10.05.2016] (54) Marina: my snowflakes11, snowflakes13, snowflakes19 for my sapphires05, wisteria01, beaches04
[04.05.2016] (51) Manda: my tigers18, chocolatelab09, chocolatelab13, chocolatelab16 for coral10, bears02, amethyst01, amethyst02
[04.05.2016] (47) Pam: my chocolatelab10, honeybees06, owls18, mc-Qualisa for grandcanyon12, ametrine16, ametrine17, mc-Pam
[04.05.2016] (43) Rheanna: my wisteria19, mc-Qualisa for sapphires04, mc-Rheanna
[04.05.2016] (41) Hotaru: my emperorpenguins07, mc-Qualisa for grandcanyon07, mc-Hotaru
[02.05.2016] (39) Nicolie: my cherries05, cherries12, dolphins19, meadows05, meadows15, owls13, pinklake16, pumpkins13, tornadoes08, tornadoes19, mc-Qualisa for robins02, robins13, sapphires10, waves04, waves17, waves20, bears14, seaturtles01, seaturtles11, seaturtles17, mc-Nicolie
[02.05.2016] (28) Minty: my volcanoes03, volcanoes16, weepingwillows04, mc-Qualisa for grandcanyon05, grandcanyon13, robins11, mc-Minty
[02.05.2016] (24) Maron: my botodolphins17, dioptase09, dioptase13, dioptase14, lilies13, moon08, snowflakes09, snowflakes17, stars01, stars02, stars07, stars13, sunsets02, sunsets08, sunsets20 for beaches02, beaches16, grandcanyon04, grandcanyon15, robins04, robins07, robins17, wisteria03, waves04, waves05, waves08, waves13, gold04, gold11, gold18
[28.04.2016] (9) Sasha: my ametrine20, coral01, mc-Qualisa for galaxies12, tigers11, mc-Sasha
[27.04.2016] (6) Adelicya: my tigers16, mc-Qualisa for ametrine10, mc-Adelicya
[20.04.2016] (4) Betty: my dolphins01, dolphins12 for bamboo01, rubies20
[15.04.2016] (2) Maron: my lilies17 for grandcanyon10
[15.04.2016] (1) Rae: my rubies10 for honeybees11